Classic Arcade Games

Games That Have Already Become Classics

Today, in the blog of the program “Management of gaming Internet projects” , in our translation section, we have prepared and translated for you a new article in which the author answers this question. And also personally for me this article causes a sweet nostalgia, which I hope you will experience. By the way, at the end of the survey on your favorite of these arcades.

Many of us keep fond memories of the games of our childhood and youth. The hours spent with our beloved Pac-Man, Street Fighter and Frogger are the defining experience that has shaped our passion for video games for life.

Since the arcade dominated the rest of the genres, the industry has grown spasmodically, and now many of the classic games may seem strange or too simple. But if you look deeper, without focusing on their age, you will see that many of them had sophisticated controls, multi-layer mechanics, understandable, but difficult to learn, a soundtrack that can still inspire, and a spectacular plot.

Old arcades today can teach a lot. Therefore, the authors of the article decided to ask the luminaries of the gaming industry what games in their opinion can be an example in solving problems in game design.

1) Q * Bert: teaches simplicity

Q * Bert is an arcade game published in 1982 by Gottlieb. The game has become an icon for pop culture, thanks to its catchy graphics, uncomplicated mechanics, etc. The playing field consists of 28 cubes made up of a pyramid. Using one joystick, you start from the top and change the color of the cubes, jumping from one to another.

Several enemies gradually appear in the game, which impede your progress. Predicting the movements of opponents and using workarounds, you need to change the color of the entire pyramid to go to the next level.

2) Centipede: Interaction of game elements among themselves

Richard Rose, creator of the upcoming game The Church in the Darkness, explains what you can learn from Centipede and its interconnected environment. The classic Atari shoot-'em-up game in which every creature interacts with mushrooms that appear randomly on the screen.

The player moves the character to the bottom of the screen with a trackball and shoots lasers at the centipede, stepping on him from the top of the screen down the mushroom field. Getting into any part of the centipede creates a mushroom. Spiders periodically eat the mushrooms they encounter, and fleas create new mushrooms in their path. Finally, scorpions poison the mushrooms they touch, allowing the centipede to drop bombs on the player.